EFT achieves Full Scope Approval as Flight Test ATO

As first commercial European Test Pilot School, EFT recently received approval from the German CAA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) to perform the complete spectrum of flight test training i.a.w. EASA regulations:

  • Aeroplane CAT 2 TP and LFTE
  • Aeroplane CAT 1 TP and LFTE
  • Helicopter CAT 2 TP and LFTE
  • Helicopter CAT 1 TP and LFTE
  • Flight Test Instructor (A)
  • Flight Test Instructor (H)

Following this tremendous milestone, EFT has commenced its first EASA CAT 1 Helicopter course.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, the dedication of our staff and the professionalism of the Luftfahrtbundesamt EFT can expand its promotion of flight test safety and highest standards in flight test to the European aviation community.

EFT becomes Eventucation Provider

Eventucation = event + education. You can do academics in a conventional classroom. Or, if you want to offer your employees a unique experience, choose a special environment. A defense contractor approached EFT with the wish to combine a 2-days “Aircraft System Safety” course with a team event, as they operate 2 dispersed teams within their Design Organisation and intend to foster the team spirit.

Located in the Rhine area, the obvious solution was a cruise ship tour. EFT rented a ship which can accommodate up to around 40 students and performed the course in a relaxed atmosphere on 2 warm and sunny September days. The large sun deck, the elaborate lunch buffet, stunning vistas over medieval castles and the famous Loreley, and a glass of regional wine completed the wonderful days.

EFT moves to larger Siegerland Airport

Due to the unexpected fast growth of its business and the utilization of larger aircraft EFT has decided to move to a larger airport in January 2024. Siegerland, located about one hour northeast of Winningen, is an airport with a runway of 5315 ft and a grass runway of 1969 ft. It enables VFR night and IFR operations as well as ILS/RNP approaches. It is home base for several business jet operators and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure. Despite its size the number of daily flights is rather low, which, combined with its sparsely populated surroundings, make it an ideal location for flight test activities. As Klaus Irle, managing director of the airport says: “EFT complements our portfolio of aviation services in a formidable way and offers a large potential of cross-fertilisation with the existing companies here. We are delighted to have them at our airport.

Siegerland airport is located one hour from the international airport hubs Frankfurt and Cologne, and just minutes from the autobahn A45. The beautiful medieval and university town of Siegen with the river Sieg is about 20 min away.

Fotos: Contract Signature for the new office space located right at the apron & Siegerland Airport Aerial Photo

Siegerland Office Space

Siegerland Airport

Graduation Ceremony CAT2 Class 01

On 4th of August, EFT held the Graduation Ceremony for its first CAT2 Fixed Wing course. This was also the first ever EASA CAT2 course to be completed in Germany. After 4 months of hard work and some long nights the student test pilots and flight test engineers got their well-deserved certificates during a formal dinner together with their families, colleagues and instructors.

As a special guest and keynote speaker Peter Weger, the first-flight experimental test pilot for EUROFIGHTER and Do-328, congratulated them and reminded them of their responsibilities as flight testers. The Best of Class I Award was handed over to Kris, who with his professionalism, dedication and calmness acted as a role model for his colleagues. A special moment of the evening was when the students handed over gifts to EFT management and the instructors.

Thanks to the students for being wonderful customers, for their superiors to put the trust in us and to the instructors for their passionate work! You all made this remarkable event possible!

Student video of their course: https://youtu.be/HcIasqdFcVs

DLR awards CAT2 Training Contract to EFT

After completion of a competitive tender EFT has won a contract from DLR (German Aerospace Center) for EASA Category 2 Fixed Wing training for one test pilot and one lead flight test engineer. The training will commence in spring of 2023. With the two students from DLR the CAT2 course is already fully booked for 2023. Registration for the spring 2024 course starts now.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. At 30 locations the DLR employs more than 9,800 people. The DLR maintains offices in Brussels, Paris, Tokyo and Washington D.C.
DLR operates the largest fleet of research aircraft in Europe.

Foto: Dr. Dieter Reisinger, Head of Training, EFT & Ingmar Mayerbuch, Head of Flight Test, DLR

German Ministry of Defence visits EFT

Ministerialdirigent Joachim Sucker, Head of Sub-Directorate at the German Ministry of Defence (MOD), visited EFT. His goal was to receive information about the recently EASA-certified test pilot school in Germany, which has already provided training to several branches of the Bundeswehr. After EFT having presented its capabilities, the parties engaged in an open and informative discussion. Finally Mr. Sucker and his team took a seat in the 6-DOF motion simulator and performed a demo test flight in a P-51 Mustang.

EFT is grateful for having hosted the MOD and wishes Mr. Sucker all the best for his upcoming assignment as Director of OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armaments Co-operation).

EFT Team completes Ground Egress Training

After months of hard work and flight test planning the first flight of the modified CS-25 twin jet is about to commence within days. In order to be prepared for all contingencies the involved EFT flight test personnel underwent an emergency procedure training for the stall test flights. The training included ground egress drills as well as fire and smoke emergency and Flight Test Instrumentation procedures.

Finnish Air Force selects EFT as EASA CAT 2 Training Provider

EFT is the winner of an international competition for EASA CAT 2 training for Finnish Air Force test pilots and flight test engineers. The contract, awarded by the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command, tasks EFT to provide training for up to 10 Air Force participants. The course will be performed at Finnish Air Force premises in Finland and is complemented by live video distance learning.

EFT is proud to serve the Finnish Air Force as flight test training provider.

Fully Instrumented Aircraft added to Training Fleet

EFT has recently added a fully instrumented aircraft to its growing fleet of training assets. The Remox GX with its more than 100 measurable flight parameters is the perfect aircraft for an efficient training of our students. Flight test techniques w.r.t. to performance and handling qualities can be measured in real-time and recorded with 100 Hz for extensive and precise post-flight analysis. Handling qualities can be further analyzed by tuning the installed experimental fly-by-wire system and thus simulating surrogate aircraft in-flight. Students and interns will appreciate the possibilities to apply control theory in a real flying – yet safe by an integrated override capability – environment.

Furthermore, the Remox GX and its wing mounting system allows for variable and quick installation of custom-made underwing pods for sensor or environmental airborne testing. Customers can integrate and test their payloads (up to 10 kg) in the lab. This minimizes expensive aircraft usage time and is an efficient tool especially for small and medium sized enterprises to flight-test their hardware.

A telemetry system for the download of aircraft and mission system data is currently in development. Combine fly-by-wire and telemetry – the next logical step is an optionally piloted vehicle.

EFT won Contract from Air Astana for MCF Training

EFT won a contract from Air Astana, Kazakhstan, who asked for a maintenance check flight (MCF) course for a selected group of their Boeing 767 pilots. This very first group of airline pilots successfully passed the course and were awarded the MCF-training certificate. EFT´s course was designed to meet the stringent EASA requirements and included upset prevention training (UPRT). 

A highly specialised training is required whenever an airline plans to conduct “Level A” MCFs after heavy maintenance. Airlines typically schedule their most experienced pilots to get the job done. Depending on the nature of the maintenance task, a variety of system checks has to be performed on ground and in flight before the aircraft is allowed to re-enter scheduled service.

The course was held by our Chief Flight Test Pilot Dr. Dieter Reisinger, a 737, 777 and former 767 technical pilot. Dieter was supported by Capt. Dave Carbaugh, a retired Boeing flight test pilot and winner of the “European Flight Test Safety Award”. Dave is rated on all Boeing models. He is a former U.S. Air Force and Boeing instructor pilot. Dave´s 30 years of flight test experience on all Boeing models definitely added great value to this very first MCF course. The five days of academic training in our school were complemented by practical training in a 767 Level D Full Flight Simulator at our partner Lufthansa Aviation Training in Frankfurt. The students successfully passed an oral exam.

We thank Air Astana for trusting EFT. We provide competence in flight test training. EFT is looking forward to adding value to airline pilot training in this segment. Congratulations to the three KC pilots!