Final Project (FIN-P)

Schedule04.10. - 08.10.2021
Duration1 week
  • basic English skills
  • good understanding of math and physics
  • successful completion of a professional course (PERFO-P, FCSHQ-P, SYS-P)

The final project is an evaluation of an unknown aircraft in the field of the completed professional course(s).

The student will:

  • define the mission requirements
  • identify the flight test instrumentation requirements
  • prepare a comprehensive test plan
  • lead and conduct the test flights
  • reduce and analyze flight test data
  • produce a flight test report
  • perform an oral presentation

The final project includes 4-6 sorties.

The test flights will not be performed at Winningen airfield but at various locations in Europe. The specific location depends on the aircraft type. Course costs cover all travel and accomodation expenses.

The final project will be rated. A specific level of skills must be demonstrated by the individual student in order to successfully complete the final project.

Price12.000 €