In cooperation with the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI) EURO FLIGHT TEST is establishing a Master of Science Program in Flight Test Engineering. The goal is to provide young professionals, holding a Bachelor degree in Engineering or equivalent, with profound engineering expertise in the field of flight test, for fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned aerial systems.

The program is expected to start in fall 2022. Enrollment is planned to begin in spring 2022.
The number of students for the initial course is limited to 12.


The M.Sc. program is set up as a blended learning course with online and attendance phases in order to enable the students to continue with their regular jobs.
The program will last approx. 3 semesters plus master thesis:
– The first semester will begin with a 2- weeks kick-off attendance phase and will mainly cover advanced aerodynamics, flight mechanics, structures and propulsion systems. The semester will end with a 2-weeks attendance phase for  a semester review and exams.
– The second semester will focus on fundamentals of flight test, flight test management, data analysis, flight test instrumentation and modelling & simulation . This semester will end with a 3-4 weeks attendance phase covering a brief semester review, exams and basic data acquisition and demo test flights.
– The third semester is an engineering deep dive into performance, flying qualities and systems testing and application of flight test techniques. This semester will end with a 3-4 weeks attendance phase covering a brief semester review, exams and advanced data acquisition and demo test flights.

In-Flight Training

Attendance phases will take place at THI facilities in Ingolstadt and at EURO FLIGHT TEST facilities in Winningen, where the inflight training will be performed. The training includes a total of 15 – 20 data gathering and demo test flights in a variety of aircraft (9 different types) as well as simulator training. Aircraft types to be used:

  • Breezer 600 (Single Engine Piston, conventional flight instruments, side-by-side seating)
  • Blackshape Prime BS100 (SEP, glass cockpit, tandem seating)
  • Cessna C-172 (SEP, high-wing)
  • Extra 330 LX (SEP, aerobatic aircraft, tandem seating)
  • Diamond DA-42 or similar (Multi Engine Piston)
  • Pilatus PC-12 or similar (single engine turbine, flying classroom)
  • Robinson R44 (single engine piston, helicopter)
  • Bell 206 (single engine turbine, helicopter)


The master thesis will be the test & evaluation of an unknown aircraft and includes approx. 4 flights.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the M.Sc. program will be credited towards an EASA CAT 2 competence based training course at EFT.


The final price is not yet set. As an indication, the price range is expected to be 40,000 – 50,000 €.

There are several options to finance your Master degree. The THI website offers a variety of links to appropriate databases (currently in German language only).

  • Employer
    Highly skilled personell is key to success. The employer can either support you through a financial contribution or through a flexible work-time model or educational vacation.
  • Taxes
    An educational training might significantly reduce your tax load. Please ask your tax advisor, as regulations vary by country.
  • Grants
    Many countries offer educational grants, please check with your local authorities.
  • Bank Loans
  • Private and Public Educational Funds

For further information please contact Ms. Christine Keller: masterprogram[at]euroflighttest.com or call +49 2606 459 0004

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt