EURO FLIGHT TEST is a team of  highly experienced CAT 1 and CAT 2 flight test engineers and test pilots from the military and industry. The team is complemented by renowned senior subject matter experts from R&D institutions and industry as well as former governmental officials.

EURO FLIGHT TEST Executive Management Board:

Reiner “Tex” Exner Reiner's LinkedIn Profile
Managing Director & Chief Flight Test Engineer

  • M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Munich
  • Flight Test Engineer at Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm (MBB) Manching, TORNADO program
  • US Naval Test Pilot School, 12-months Professional Course, Graduation as Experimental Flight Test Engineer, Patuxent River, Maryland
  • Flight Test Engineer, EUROFIGHTER Aircraft Prototype, at BAe in the UK
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer X-31 experimental prototype, delegated to Rockwell International and NASA Dryden, USA
  • Team Leader Flying Quality Analysis RANGER 2000 prototypes, MBB, Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer EUROFIGHTER Prototype, DASA Military Aircraft, Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer MiG 29 Upgrade Program, DASA Military Aircraft, Romania
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations, Hellenic F-4F Upgrade Program, EADS Military Aircraft, Greece
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations BARRACUDA UAS, Cassidian, Manching
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations EURO HAWK UAS, Cassidian / Airbus Defence & Space, Manching and Edwards Air Force Base

Reiner is an active pilot with more than 2.600 flight hours PIC time. He is a member and the former treasurer of the Society of Flight Test Engineers European Chapter (SFTE-EC), where he published several papers.
He is a lecturer at the Technical University of Ingolstadt.

Reinhard Exner, Managing Director

Peter Hemmert Peter's LinkedIn Profile
Managing Director & CTKI

  • M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, Bundeswehr University, Munich
  • M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, TFH Berlin
  • M.Sc. Flight Test & Evaluation, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • CAT 1 Fixed Wing Graduate as Flight Test Engineer, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • Technical Officer TORNADO/EUROFIGHTER, German Air Force
  • Flight Test Engineer TORNADO at WTD 61 (German Military Flight Test Center) Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer EURO HAWK at WTD 61 (German Military Flight Test Center) Manching / Edwards Air Force Base
  • Program Management EURO HAWK, Bundeswehr, Koblenz
  • Program Management A400M, German MOD, Bonn
  • T&V Engineer NATO AGS, San Diego, USA

Peter is an active pilot with a MEP rating.

Peter Hemmert, Managing Director

Rolf Hellbutsch Rolf's LinkedIn Profile
Managing Director & Accountable Manager

  • M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, Technical University, Berlin
  • Several Courses as Flight Test Engineer, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • Flight Test Engineer TORNADO at WTD 61 (German Military Flight Test Center) Manching
  • R&D Airborne Reconnaissance, Bundeswehr, Koblenz
  • Research Officer for Fluid Dynamics, US Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • Program Management EURO HAWK, Bundeswehr, Koblenz
  • Liaison Officer for UAS & Helicopter Technology, Bundeswehr, Washington DC
  • Program Management Strategic Airborne SIGINT , German MOD, Bonn
Rolf Hellbutsch, Managing Director

Dr. Dieter ReisingerDieter's LinkedIn Profile
Head of Training & Chief Test Pilot

  • EASA CAT 1 Fixed Wing Test Pilot, NTPS, California
  • Flight Test Instructor (A)
  • M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering, Technical University, Munich
  • Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering, University of the Armed Forces, Munich
  • M.Sc. Flight Test & Evaluation, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • Research Assistant, Supersonic Aircraft Design, University of the Armed Forces, Munich
  • Airline Transport Pilot, Lauda Air / Austrian Airlines
  • Technical Pilot / Maintenance Check Flight Pilot / Acceptance Test Pilot
  • Flight Test Experience ranging from testing Piston Engines to Modification of Transport Category Aircraft
  • University Lecturer @ Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Beijing, University of Belgrade, TU Graz, FH Wiener Neustadt, FH Joanneum
  • Flight Simulator Evaluator
  • Certified Aviation Expert
  • flown over 100 types/makes/models of Aircraft and Helicopters
  • Flight Instructor for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aicraft
  • Member of SETP, SFTE and DGLR
Dr. Dieter Reisinger, Chief Test Pilot


Giacomo Grimaldi

  • EASA CAT 1 Test Pilot (RW / FW)
  • Flight Test Instructor (RW / FW)
  • Chief Test Pilot, Vertex Aero s.r.l.
  • Test Pilot and Instructor Consultant, ITPS
  • Test Pilot and Instructor, Italian Military Flight Test Center, Pratica di Mare
  • Test Pilot Instructor, EPNER
  • Fighter Pilot, Italian Air Force
  • Advanced Master in Experimental Flight Test Engineering, ISAE Supaero
  • 3000+ FH on 60 different FW and RW aircraft

Robert "Robbs" Hierl

  • EASA CAT 1 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing), ETPS, Boscombe Down
  • Chief Test Pilot of the German Armed Forces
  • Project Test Pilot EUROFIGHTER @WTD61
  • Project Test Pilot MiG-29 @WTD61
  • Project Test Pilot GLOBAL 5000 @WTD61
  • SME on foreign aircraft (Su-22 etc)
  • Planning, Execution of multiple test campaigns on fighter, transport and training aircraft
  • Aeronautical Engineer (M.Sc.) @University of the Armed Forces, Munich

Markus Rüdinger

Markus Rüdinger
  • EASA CAT 1 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing), US Naval Test Pilot School
  • Test Pilot @WTD61 (EUROFIGHTER / TORNADO / MRTT A310)
  • Planning and Execution of multiple Test Campaigns on Fighter and Transport Aircraft around the world
  • Active part-time Commercial Pilot A300 @DHL
  • Active Paradrop Pilot on Pilatus PC-6
  • Total Flight Time: 7.500 hrs on 110 different aircraft and helicopters
  • Aeronautical Engineer (M.Sc.) @University of the Armed Forces, Munich

Klaus-Dieter "KD" Hose

  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing)
  • Experimental Test Pilot & CVE @Deutsche Aircraft GmbH
  • Experimental Test Pilot & CVE @Dornier Seawings GmbH
  • Experimental Test Pilot & SME for A/C Modifications & STC @AeroRescue Pty Ltd
  • Head of Training @AeroRescue Pty Ltd
  • Experimental Test Pilot & CVE @Fairchild Dornier GmbH
  • Certified Auditor

Martin Hinterwaldner

Martin Hinterwaldner
  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing)
  • Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer @WTD61
  • Instructor Military Flight Safety @German Air Force
  • Test Pilot & Expedition Pilot @DLR
  • Flight Test Campaign Leader EUROFIGHTER @Airbus
  • UAS Flight Test Engineer @Airbus
  • Head of Flight Test & Operations @Dornier Seawings

Rogerio Arantes

Rogerio Arantes
  • Experimental Flight Test Engineer (Fixed Wing), Brazilian Air Force Test Pilot School
  • FTE Team Leader for all  Flight Tests for new Systems Integration @Brazilian Air Force (BAF)
  • LFTE for a Challenger 605 major modification
  • LFTE for A-310 Type Certificate Validation
  • Instructor of BAF’s Professional Flight Test Course
  • Head of BAF Flight Test Engineering (e.g. Super-Tucano, F5M etc)

Dave Carbaugh

Capt Dave Carbaugh
  • Chief Pilot Safety @Boeing
  • 30 years Instructor and Experimental Test Pilot @Boeing
  • Recipient of the “European Flight Test Safety Award”
  • Winner of the Laurel Award from Aviation Week
  • Leader of numerous industry teams to develop and test training procedures for wake turbulence and windshear
  • Military instructor pilot for F-15, C-141,T-37/38/F-5

Michel de Koning

  • EASA CAT 1 Test Pilot (Rotary Wing), ETPS
  • Senior Test Pilot @Royal Dutch Navy
  • Experimental Test Pilot NH90 @Royal Dutch Navy
  • ASW Expert
  • SAR Pilot on Westland Lynx
  • Postgraduate Flight Test & Flight Dynamics @Cranfield Univ.
  • M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft

Thibaut Cappuyns

Thibaut Cappuyns, EASA CAT 2 Flight Test Engineer
  • EASA CAT 1 Lead Flight Test Engineer (Fixed Wing)
  • Flight Test Data Analyst Handling Qualities & Flight Control Systems @Airbus
  • FTE for A-400M and C-130 @Belgian Air Component
  • EASA Technical Training Continuing Airworthiness, CS-25 Large Aeroplanes & Safety Assessment for Aircraft Systems
  • Private Pilot Licence with more than 700 FH
  • Watch featured Video

Dominique Roland

  • fmr. EASA Head of Policy, Innovation & Knowledge
  • fmr. EASA Head of General Aviation & RPAS
  • fmr. EASA Head of Design Organisation
  • Test Pilot General Aviation
  • Technical Director APEX / ROBIN & CAP Aviation
  • World Champion Free Style Aerobatics 1998
  • Winner Breitling World Cup of Aerobatics 1995

Tarek Salah

Tarek Salah
  • Head of Systems and Avionics
  • Senior Certification Expert
  • Safety & Compliance Manager
  • Design & Comliance Verification Engineer in EASA Part 21J DO
  • Deputy Chief of Department & Office of Airworthiness
  • Project Manager for Numerous Avionics Upgrades for CS-23/CS-27/CS-29 aircraft
  • COM/NAV/NVIS/RDR Retrofit Installation & Certification
  • Aircraft System Safety Course Main Instructor

Alois Bader

Alois Bader, OT&E Senior Expert
  • Weapon System Officer F-4E, F4F, TORNADO IDS, TONADO ECR
  • TOP Gun Graduate
  • Operational Winter Testing & Heat Trials TORNADO
  • OT&E of TORNADO EW Equipment
  • Test Director Operational Test and Missile Integration TORNADO ECR
  • Commercial Pilot License,  CRI
  • National Certification of Annex 1 aircraft
  • Head of external R&T Projects @Airbus DS

Prof. Dr. Erol Özger

Prof. Erol Özger
  • Senior Manager Handlinq Qualities @Deutsche Aircraft
  • Former Professor Aeronautical Engineering @University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt
  • Flight Test Engineer TORNADO & EUROFIGHTER @Airbus
  • Consultant for the Indian LCA project in the field of aerodynamic model validation
  • Modelling & Simulation Senior Expert
  • Experimental & numerical Fluid Dynamics Senior Expert

Renaud Urli

Renaud Urli, FTI Senior Expert
  • Manager & Expert Flight Test Instrumentation @Airbus
  • Flight Test Instrumentation System Engineer @Airbus
  • Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer @Fairchild Dornier
  • President @The European Society of Telemetry
  • Chairman of the Test & Telemetry Conference
  • Leader of the Technical Committee Telemetry & Data Transmission @DGLR
  • Leader of the Technical Committee Testing @3AF

Peter Huber

Peter Huber, Flight Control Senior Expert
  • Modern Flight Controls Senior Expert
  • Chief Engineer FCS EUROFIGHTER @Airbus
  • Head of Weapon System Integration @EUROFIGHTER GmbH
  • Chief Engineer for the X-31 Experimental Aircraft Project @Airbus
  • Development, Integration & Test Engineer for the X-31 Flight Control System @Airbus
  • Test Engineer Flying Qualities TORNADO @Airbus