Highly knowledgeable CAT 1 flight test engineers from industry and military with tremendous experience in envelope expansion testing together with flight instructors and former military pilots with outstanding operational background form the core of EURO FLIGHT TEST. Renowned avionic system specialists and subject matter experts complement the team around Reinhard “Reiner” Exner, CEO and chief-engineer of EURO FLIGHT TEST.

Reiner’s C.V.

  • M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Munich
  • Flight Test Engineer at Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm (MBB) Manching, TORNADO program
  • US Naval Test Pilot School, 12-months Professional Course, Graduation as Experimental Flight Test Engineer, Patuxent River, Maryland
  • Flight Test Engineer, EUROFIGHTER Aircraft Prototype, at BAe in the UK
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer X-31 experimental prototype, delegated to Rockwell International and NASA Dryden, USA
  • Team Leader Flying Quality Analysis RANGER 2000 prototypes, MBB, Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer EUROFIGHTER Prototype, DASA Military Aircraft, Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer MiG 29 Upgrade Program, DASA Military Aircraft, Romania
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations, Hellenic F-4F Upgrade Program, EADS Military Aircraft, Greece
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations BARRACUDA UAS, Cassidian, Manching
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations EURO HAWK UAS, Cassidian / Airbus Defence & Space, Manching and Edwards Air Force Base

Reiner is an active pilot with more than 2600 flight hours PIC time. He is a member and the former treasurer of the Society of Flight Test Engineers European Chapter (SFTE-EC), where he published several papers.

He is a lecturer at the Technical University of Ingolstadt where he established the practical course “Flying Classroom”.

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