EURO FLIGHT TEST is a team of  highly experienced CAT 1 and CAT 2 flight test engineers and test pilots from the military and industry. The team is complemented by renowned senior subject matter experts from R&D institutions and industry as well as former governmental officials.

EURO FLIGHT TEST Executive Management Board:

Reiner “Tex” Exner Reiner's LinkedIn Profile
Managing Director & Accountable Manager

  • M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Munich
  • Flight Test Engineer at Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm (MBB) Manching, TORNADO program
  • US Naval Test Pilot School, 12-months Professional Course, Graduation as Experimental Flight Test Engineer, Patuxent River, Maryland
  • Flight Test Engineer, EUROFIGHTER Aircraft Prototype, at BAe in the UK
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer X-31 experimental prototype, delegated to Rockwell International and NASA Dryden, USA
  • Team Leader Flying Quality Analysis RANGER 2000 prototypes, MBB, Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer EUROFIGHTER Prototype, DASA Military Aircraft, Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer MiG 29 Upgrade Program, DASA Military Aircraft, Romania
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations, Hellenic F-4F Upgrade Program, EADS Military Aircraft, Greece
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations BARRACUDA UAS, Cassidian, Manching
  • Senior Manager Flight Test Operations EURO HAWK UAS, Cassidian / Airbus Defence & Space, Manching and Edwards Air Force Base

Reiner is an active pilot with more than 2.600 flight hours PIC time. He is a member and the former treasurer of the Society of Flight Test Engineers European Chapter (SFTE-EC), where he published several papers.
He is a lecturer at the Technical University of Ingolstadt.

Reinhard Exner, Managing Director

Peter Hemmert Peter's LinkedIn Profile
Managing Director & CTKI

  • M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, Bundeswehr University, Munich
  • M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, TFH Berlin
  • M.Sc. Flight Test & Evaluation, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • CAT 1 Fixed Wing Graduate as Flight Test Engineer, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • Technical Officer TORNADO/EUROFIGHTER, German Air Force
  • Flight Test Engineer TORNADO at WTD 61 (German Military Flight Test Center) Manching
  • Lead Flight Test Engineer EURO HAWK at WTD 61 (German Military Flight Test Center) Manching / Edwards Air Force Base
  • Program Management EURO HAWK, Bundeswehr, Koblenz
  • Program Management A400M, German MOD, Bonn
  • T&V Engineer NATO AGS, San Diego, USA

Peter is an active pilot with a MEP rating.

Peter Hemmert, Managing Director

Rolf Hellbutsch Rolf's LinkedIn Profile
Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer

  • M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, Technical University, Berlin
  • Several Courses as Flight Test Engineer, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • Flight Test Engineer TORNADO at WTD 61 (German Military Flight Test Center) Manching
  • R&D Airborne Reconnaissance, Bundeswehr, Koblenz
  • Research Officer for Fluid Dynamics, US Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • Program Management EURO HAWK, Bundeswehr, Koblenz
  • Liaison Officer for UAS & Helicopter Technology, Bundeswehr, Washington DC
  • Program Management Strategic Airborne SIGINT , German MOD, Bonn
Rolf Hellbutsch, Managing Director

Giacomo GrimaldiDieter's LinkedIn Profile
Head of Training

  • EASA CAT 1 Test Pilot (RW / FW)
  • Flight Test Instructor (RW / FW)
  • Chief Test Pilot, Vertex Aero s.r.l.
  • Test Pilot and Instructor Consultant, ITPS
  • Test Pilot and Instructor, Italian Military Flight Test Center, Pratica di Mare
  • Test Pilot Instructor, EPNER
  • Fighter Pilot, Italian Air Force
  • Advanced Master in Experimental Flight Test Engineering, ISAE Supaero

Giacomo has more than 3000 FH on 60 different fixed and rotary wing aircraft, ranging from military fast jets to heavy utility helicopters. He is a qualified Flight Safety Officer and Accident Investigator.


Dr. Dieter ReisingerDieter's LinkedIn Profile
Chief Test Pilot

  • M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering, Technical University, Munich
  • Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering, University of the Armed Forces, Munich
  • M.Sc. Flight Test & Evaluation, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • CAT 1 Fixed Wing Test Pilot CS-23 and CS-25 in accordance with EASA FCL.820, NTPS, Mojave, California
  • Research Assistant, Supersonic Aircraft Design, University of the Armed Forces, Munich
  • Airline Transport Pilot, Lauda Air / Austrian Airlines
  • Technical Pilot / Maintenance Check Flight Pilot / Acceptance Test Pilot
  • Flight Test Experience ranging from testing Piston Engines to Modification of Transport Category Aircraft
  • University Lecturer @ Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Beijing, University of Belgrade, TU Graz, FH Wiener Neustadt, FH Joanneum
  • Flight Simulator Evaluator
  • Certified Aviation Expert
  • flown over 100 types/makes/models of Aircraft and Helicopters
  • Flight Instructor for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aicraft
  • Member of SETP, SFTE and DGLR
Dr. Dieter Reisinger, Chief Test Pilot

Chief Test Pilot's Welcome


Tarek Salah

Tarek Salah
  • Head of Systems and Avionics
  • Senior Certification Expert
  • Safety & Compliance Manager
  • Design & Comliance Verification Engineer in EASA Part 21J DO
  • Deputy Chief of Department & Office of Airworthiness
  • Project Manager for Numerous Avionics Upgrades for CS-23/CS-27/CS-29 aircraft
  • COM/NAV/NVIS/RDR Retrofit Installation & Certification
  • Aircraft System Safety Course Main Instructor

Gerhard Thalhammer

Gerhard Thalhammer
  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing)
  • Experimental Test Pilot @GROB Aerospace G-180, G-120, G-140
  • Experimental Test Pilot @Dornier Aviation (Seaplanes)
  • First Flight Dornier S-Ray
  • Test Pilot @Dornier Fairchild DO-328, DO-728
  • Tech Pilot BD700 Vision
  • Aeronautical Engineer (M.Sc.) @TU Munich

Dave Carbaugh

Capt Dave Carbaugh
  • Chief Pilot Safety @Boeing
  • 30 years Instructor and Experimental Test Pilot @Boeing
  • Recipient of the “European Flight Test Safety Award”
  • Winner of the Laurel Award from Aviation Week
  • Leader of numerous industry teams to develop and test training procedures for wake turbulence and windshear
  • Military instructor pilot for F-15, C-141,T-37/38/F-5

Manfred Bleyer

Manfred Bleyerr, EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot
  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Rotary Wing)
  • Technical Helicopter Pilot & Avionics Manager @Ministry of Interior, Austria
  • Instructor Digital Systems & Avionics @Federal Technical College Langenlebarn
  • NVIS Trainer JAA-TO
  • EASA OPS Regulation Trainer @Austrocontrol International
  • Part 21 Certification Expert

Roland Retschitzegger

Roland Retschitzegger, EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot
  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Rotary Wing)
  • Test Pilot @Austrian Armed Forces
  • Test Pilot Training @Italian Air Force
  • Maintenance Test Pilot
  • Fast Roping & Insertion Expert
  • HMD & NVG Expert
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Pilot
  • MBA Aviation Management @Danube University, Krems

Thibaut Cappuyns

Thibaut Cappuyns, EASA CAT 2 Flight Test Engineer
  • EASA CAT 2 Lead Flight Test Engineer (Fixed Wing)
  • Flight Test Data Analyst Handling Qualities & Flight Control Systems @Airbus
  • Future Projects Engineer @Airbus
  • EASA Technical Training Continuing Airworthiness, CS-25 Large Aeroplanes & Safety Assessment for Aircraft Systems
  • Private Pilot Licence with more than 700 FH
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Prof. Dr. Erol Özger

Prof. Erol Özger
  • Department Head Aeronautical Engineering @Technical University of Ingolstadt
  • Flight Test Engineer TORNADO & EUROFIGHTER @Airbus
  • Consultant for the Indian LCA project in the field of aerodynamic model validation
  • Modelling & Simulation Senior Expert
  • Experimental & numerical Fluid Dynamics Senior Expert
  • Flight Data Analysis Senior Expert

Renaud Urli

Renaud Urli, FTI Senior Expert
  • Manager & Expert Flight Test Instrumentation @Airbus
  • Flight Test Instrumentation System Engineer @Airbus
  • Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer @Fairchild Dornier
  • President @The European Society of Telemetry
  • Chairman of the Test & Telemetry Conference
  • Leader of the Technical Committee Telemetry & Data Transmission @DGLR
  • Leader of the Technical Committee Testing @3AF

Alois Bader

Alois Bader, OT&E Senior Expert
  • Weapon System Officer F-4E, F4F, TORNADO IDS, TONADO ECR
  • TOP Gun Graduate
  • Operational Winter Testing & Heat Trials TORNADO
  • OT&E of TORNADO EW Equipment
  • Test Director Operational Test and Missile Integration TORNADO ECR
  • Commercial Pilot License,  CRI
  • National Certification of Annex 1 aircraft
  • Head of external R&T Projects @Airbus DS

Peter Huber

Peter Huber, Flight Control Senior Expert
  • Modern Flight Controls Senior Expert
  • Chief Engineer FCS EUROFIGHTER @Airbus
  • Head of Weapon System Integration @EUROFIGHTER GmbH
  • Chief Engineer for the X-31 Experimental Aircraft Project @Airbus
  • Development, Integration & Test Engineer for the X-31 Flight Control System @Airbus
  • Test Engineer Flying Qualities TORNADO @Airbus

Martin Hinterwaldner

Martin Hinterwaldner
  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing)
  • Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer @WTD61
  • Instructor Military Flight Safety @German Air Force
  • Test Pilot & Expedition Pilot @DLR
  • Flight Test Campaign Leader EUROFIGHTER @Airbus
  • UAS Flight Test Engineer @Airbus
  • Head of Flight Test & Operations @Dornier Seawings

Rogerio Arantes

Rogerio Arantes
  • Experimental Flight Test Engineer (Fixed Wing)
  • FTE Team Leader for all  Flight Tests for new Systems Integration @Brazilian Air Force (BAF)
  • LFTE for A-310 Type Certificate Validation
  • Instructor of BAF’s Professional Flight Test Course
  • Head of BAF Flight Test Engineering (e.g. Super-Tucano, F5M etc)

Klaus-Dieter Hose

  • EASA CAT 2 Test Pilot (Fixed Wing)
  • Experimental Test Pilot & CVE @Deutsche Aircraft GmbH
  • Experimental Test Pilot & CVE @Dornier Seawings GmbH
  • Experimental Test Pilot & SME for A/C Modifications & STC @AeroRescue Pty Ltd
  • Head of Training @AeroRescue Pty Ltd
  • Experimental Test Pilot & CVE @Fairchild Dornier GmbH
  • Certified Auditor