Air Data Boom

The air data system combines a Kiel-type pitot static port, vanes for angle-of-attack and angle-of-sideslip measurement and a battery-powered air data computer in a lightweight probe. It is designed for quick and easy temporary attachment to any airframe in fast-paced flight test applications. It provides the following parameters:

  • Pitot Pressure
  • Static Pressure
  • Angle-of-Attack
  • Angle-of-Sideslip

Test flight data can be viewed in real-time on a PC resp. tablet or downloaded and analyzed post-flight. Due to the non intrusive nature of its wifi modem no harnessing of the test aircraft is required.

The wifi system has a range of approximately 150 m. Data analysis can be performed by a flight test engineer on-board or in a chase aircraft.

GPS / INS / Data Acquisition Unit – BoxDAQ

The BoxDAQ combines a commercial-grade GPS/INS, a wifi receiver and a custom datalogger into a rugged box. This integrated solution provides the following parameters:

  • Roll/pitch/heading
  • Roll rate/pitch rate/yaw rate
  • Latitude/longitude/altitude
  • 3-axis velocity (North-East-Down)
  • 3-axis acceleration (XYZ)

In addition to the parameters above, the BoxDAQ receives data from wifi-compatible sensors within range. This feature enables EURO FLIGHT TEST to log air data from the air data boom and control surface positions alongside INS data in a single data acquisition unit. Thus the BoxDAQ represents the core of a full instrumentation solution for common flight test tasks.

The Inertial BoxDAQ integrates an advanced GPS/INS with Kalman filtering to combine data from a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer and a GPS receiver. A low-pass filter is applied to the 800 Hz raw data to minimize the effects of airframe vibrations. Finally, the data is downsampled to a clean 50 Hz signal.

WiFi Control Force Sensors

Specific sensors are used for the measurement of longitudinal and directional control forces. Control force data is transmitted wirelessly to a direct read-out display and a logging unit for post-flight analysis.

Dynon Skyview

The integrated Sykview glass cockpit with synthetic vision provides more than 100 parameters. Specific parameters can be transmitted in-flight via wifi to an on-board tablet computer. Additionaly the full scope of parameters can be downloaded post-flight.