Driven by German Engineering EFT is the first and only privately owned full-scope-provider for flight test training and flight test services in Europe. We are the efficient one-stop-solution for aviation industry and agencies.

EASA Flight Test experts’ advice (EASA Flight Test Operations Manual Guide, April 2018):

“In order to mitigate the risk that a closed culture with inappropriate techniques or philosophies may develop, it is strongly encouraged that training, and particularly Lead Flight Test Engineer initial training, be completed at an independent ATO.“

EFT provides independent and standardized CAT 2 Flight Test Training in accordance with EASA Part-21 Appendix XII syllabus within a 18-weeks course.

Minimizing absence time is crucial. Course design therefore is aiming for maximum time efficiency. Extensive in-flight training in a broad variety of aircraft is the key to maximum learning success and the prominent feature of the EFT courses and modules. Students will quickly build up testing and evaluation knowledge as well as a considerable amount of experience, which will contribute significantly to the safety and efficiency of the projects and products they work on.

EFT is an Approved Flight Test Training Organization with Reg.No. DE.ATO.218. Since EFT is located in an EASA member state the ATO certificate is issued by the respective national Civil Aviation Authority. For a Germany based ATO the issuing authority is the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA). EFT has obtained the privilege to provide and conduct CAT 1 and CAT 2 training courses for test pilots and lead flight test engineers in accordance with EASA Part-FCL/Part-21.

The chief instructors are graduates from renowned test pilot schools. They have completed a one-year professional flight test course, gathered many years of practical experience in both industrial and military flight test organizations, worked or still work as university lecturers in the subject of Flight Test. The core team is complemented by renowned subject matter experts from R&D organizations and former governmental officials.

No. Varying weather conditions are an integral part of course planning. Academics, in-house and off-site simulator training, practices, self-studies and in-flight training will be scheduled around current weather conditions. Training in this real-world weather scenario will perfectly prepare students for mitigation planning and decision making.

The maximum number of students in academic classes is limited to 8.

EFT provides a variety of carefree services for your convenience including accomodation and transportation arrangements.

EFT continuously offers varying topics for your bachelor or master thesis. Our instructors are experienced mentors and maintain good relationship with universities. Tell us what field of engineering you are interested in.

Reducing the impact on the environment is a continuous planning effort and integral part of our training strategy. EFT is improving the energy consumption by procedural methods as well as technologically. EFT expedites simulation-based training and integrates leading edge European light-aircraft technology with unparalleled low fuel consumption for in-flight training. By establishing an internal Energy-Management-System (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001, EFT is committed to continuously monitor and improve its energy consumption. This combined approach results in remarkably low emissions from day one of operations. On top, the outstanding benefit for the environment derives from being located in the vicinity to our customers.

To give you an idea of dimensions, the complete CAT 2 training course at EFT with 40 individual flights per student consumes about the same amount of fuel as a round-trip for one passenger from Europe to the US West-Coast in the business class.

Registration is very simple. Please go to the specific course page and submit the embedded contact form. No obligations arise for you. EURO FLIGHT TEST will then send you a registration form by mail. For a firm booking of your course just sign the registration form and send it back to EURO FLIGHT TEST.

Yes, EFT offers bridging courses CAT2 -> CAT1 and conversion courses FW -> RW, RW -> FW as well as MIL -> EASA.

Attendance of those courses requires a specific security clearance and/or is limited to “German Eyes Only”.

Course content may be sanitized in order to be accessible for officials from NATO partner nations.