Becoming an EASA test pilot or lead flight test engineer is one of the greatest adventures and achievements of a life in aviation. But getting this extraordinary training often is also extraordinary expensive or even unaffordable for a private individual, as very few of us have 6-digit amounts of money in their bank account.

EFT is aware of these liquidity constraints and therefore has set up a financing program in order to enable more individuals to receive a professional flight test education.

How does it work?

If you plan to attend one of our EASA Category 1 or 2 courses, you may qualify for the financing program. EFT will check your documents (and we have set it up to be as simple as possible). After the approval we will send you an individual proposal which you may or may not accept. As a general rule you would make an upfront payment of around 50-60% of the course price and pay the balance in monthly rates.


Who is eligible?


  • Permanent German residency (sorry, no exemption can be made)
  • Permanent job
  • Clean credit history


What documents are required?


  • National ID (Personalausweis) both sides, with proof of address
  • 3 last salary documents (Gehaltsnachweise)
  • SCHUFA Auskunft
  • Self-declaration