Airbus A-320

Introduction into complex aircraft systems and avionic systems testing is performed in a A-320 full flight simulator. The 6-DOF flight dynamics model which is embedded in the Lockheed Prepare3D simulation software enables realistic and reproducible CS-25 aircraft flight test technique training for performance and systems testing. On top the seamless 180° field of view provides a close to reality flight experience.

Full flight simulator training is accomplished in cooperation with FLUGSIMULATOR FRANKFURT, based at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA).

DOF Reality Professional P6

Variable stability is demonstrated with an in-house full motion (6-DOF)  simulator. The combination of a full motion simulator with 3D Virtual Reality generates a unique training experience w.r.t. to the dynamic response of an aircraft due to variation of aerodynamic and control derivatives or c.g. movement.

The EURO FLIGHT TEST owned simulator enables flight test technique training on ground for a large variety of civil and military aircraft with hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS). Critical flight conditions at the edge of the envelope and beyond can be assessed in a safe and reproducible environment.