Francois Rembry – Test Pilot & Technical Designer @Asobo Studio (developer of the Microsoft Flight Simulator)

Capt. Alex Stegmair – EUROFIGHTER Pilot, German Air Force

Q: What made you choose our course over anything else you could have done?

  • A: Due to Corona it was impossible to attend one of the other schools. Additionally, flight test training has been provided for the armed forces by EURO FLIGHT TEST, which raised my confidence in the quality of the training.

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Francois Rembry – Test Pilot & Flight Dynamics Designer @Asobo Studio

LufABw – German Military Airworthiness Authority

Gemeinsam mit der Euro Flight Test GmbH wurden neue Lehrgangsformate erprobt, die theoretische und praktische Inhalte vermitteln…. Aufgrund des positiven Feedbacks der Teilnehmer sollen diese Lehrgangsformate zukünftig Bestandteil der Aus- und Fortbildung der Musterprüferinnen und -prüfer werden. Read entire article (in German)

Gunnar Kratz – Operational A400M Pilot of the OT&E Squadron @ German Air Force

“Fundamentals of Flight Test” Course with Pipistrel and RUAG

Jožef Kovačič from Pipistrel: “… The instructors’ expertise and dedication […] were evident throughout the course, and their passion for flight testing was inspiring. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire training team for their guidance and support throughout this course….”
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