Fundamentals of Flight Test (Rotary Wing) (FT-RW)

Schedule15.04. - 26.04.2024
Duration2 weeks
  • basic English skills
  • basic understanding of math and physics is of advantage

This course is addressed to aeronautical and systems engineers, certification specialists, program managers and pilots in the helicopter area, who are new in the field of flight test and need to speed up quickly or need to refresh their skills. Interested private individuals are very welcome as well. Course participants will receive a comprehensive insight into key aspects of helicopter flight test, prepare test cards, execute flights, analyze data and generate test reports. The course covers the concepts of:

  • flight test management and flight test safety
  • regulatory framework
  • helicopter reference geometry and aerodynamic reference centers
  • performance of engines and rotors
  • cruise, climb and turn performance testing
  • hover characteristics
  • pitot static system calibration
  • longitudinal and lateral-directional stability testing
  • flight dynamics testing
  • non-linear effects on stability
  • systems testing
  • crew resource management
  • human factors and cockpit evaluation

Course includes at least 4 data-acquisition and demo flights in helicopters and post-flight visualisation of performed test flights in a simulator.

Price12.400 €