EFT moves to larger Siegerland Airport

Due to the unexpected fast growth of its business and the utilization of larger aircraft EFT has decided to move to a larger airport in January 2024. Siegerland, located about one hour northeast of Winningen, is an airport with a runway of 5315 ft and a grass runway of 1969 ft. It enables VFR night and IFR operations as well as ILS/RNP approaches. It is home base for several business jet operators and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure. Despite its size the number of daily flights is rather low, which, combined with its sparsely populated surroundings, make it an ideal location for flight test activities. As Klaus Irle, managing director of the airport says: “EFT complements our portfolio of aviation services in a formidable way and offers a large potential of cross-fertilisation with the existing companies here. We are delighted to have them at our airport.

Siegerland airport is located one hour from the international airport hubs Frankfurt and Cologne, and just minutes from the autobahn A45. The beautiful medieval and university town of Siegen with the river Sieg is about 20 min away.

Fotos: Contract Signature for the new office space located right at the apron & Siegerland Airport Aerial Photo

Siegerland Office Space

Siegerland Airport