Flight Test Instrumentation: An Overview

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The webinar “Flight Test Instrumentation: An Introduction” answers questions like: What is Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI)?  What are the main parts of a FTI system? What are the costs?
Course material will be provided prior to webinar start.

At the end of the session participants will have the opportunity for 30 min Q&A. Very specific questions should be provided ahead of webinar start to info [at] euroflighttest.com in order to allow for a proper answer.

This webinar aims at flight test organizations, Part 21J organizations, certification agencies and mission system /equipment suppliers.

Webinar language is English.

Course Date:

tbd (3 hrs)

Course Contents:

  • What is FTI?
  • What is the main goal of FTI?
  • Why do we spend so much time and money to instrument an aircraft with FTI?
  • Why do we calibrate?
  • How to apply temporary FTI?
  • How to measure?
  • What is important in data acquisition?
  • Which accuracy do I need?
  • What challenges do video systems have?
  • How does telemetry of today compare to telemetry of tomorrow?
  • How is data processed?
  • What are the Lessons Learned for the selection and application of an FTI system?
  • Why FTI standards?
  • What are the trends in FTI?

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