Two Master Students to enhance Simulator

Asked by their professor, Dr. Manuela Battipede, if EFT would give two of her most highly performing and motivated students the chance to perform the Master thesis and internship in flight test and simulation at EFT, we immediately agreed. Soon therafter Andrea and Diego from Poltecnico di Torino, Italy joined our team as the first Master students of our company. The objective of their thesis is to develop a model of the Blackshape Prime BS100 light aircraft in Matlab/Simulink, integrate it into the simulator software X-Plane, and finally validate it in real flights.

As part of their internship they have integrated Virtual Reality into the simulator, which will offer our customers a stunningly immersive experience. Next project will be the installation of a 6-DOF moving platform for the simulator, which will further enhance the VR-experience.

As part of the intercultural benefit the EFT team already enjoyed original homemade Italian tiramisu, while the students had an encounter with brezels and sausage.