Military Flight Test Course / Add-On Module (MIL FT)

Scheduleupon request
Duration3 weeks
  • basic English skills
  • good understanding of math and physics
  • current medical examination proving physical fitness or
  • class 2 or class 1 medical certificate

This training course is addressed to either Test Pilots or Fixed Wing Lead Flight Test Engineers, who have completed the professional CAT 2 course and will work in a military program, or to professionals, piloting or non-piloting, in the military or industry, who need to build up or refresh flight test skills.

The course covers:

  • performance, flying qualities and systems testing with a focus on military aircraft
  • Operational Testing vs. Developmental Testing
  • system safety assessment and safety strategies in military programs
  • external loads/weapon integration and testing
  • sensors and electronic warfare


Course participants will perform numerous flights in:

  • Single Engine Piston Tandem Seating Aircraft (Blackshape Prime or similar)
  • Single Engine Piston Aerobatic Aircraft (EXTRA 300 or similar)
  • Single Engine Turbo-Prop Military Training Aircraft (PC-9 or similar)
  • Single Engine Turbo-Jet Combat Aircraft (L-39 Albatros or similar)

and practice in full flight simulators.

The course does focus on providing extended testing practice and superb in-flight training on a variety of aircraft types. Students shall quickly build up testing and evaluation knowledge, risk and safety management skills as well as a considerable amount of T&E experience, which will contribute significantly to the safety and efficiency of the military projects they work on.

A major part of the test flights will not be performed at Winningen airfield but at various locations in Europe. The specific location depends on the aircraft type. Course costs cover all travel and accomodation expenses.

Workload for the students is rated high.

Priceupon request