Performance Testing Professional Course (PERFO-P)

Schedule12.07. - 06.08.2021
Duration4 weeks
  • basic English skills
  • good understanding of math and physics
  • Module Flight Test Management (FTM) – recommended

This course is addressed to personnel involved in the testing, evaluation or certification of aircraft performance.

The course covers:

  • aerodynamics
  • aircraft reference geometry and aerodynamic reference centers
  • propulsion systems
  • cruise, climb and turn performance
  • takeoff and landing performance
  • stall speed determination
  • pitot static system calibration
  • data reduction and standardization
  • EASA CS-23 certification including multi-engine
  • flight test instrumentation requirements for performance testing
  • flight test reporting / certification compliance

Course includes 14-16 data acquisition flights in various aircraft types and flight test techniques simulator training.

Add-on feature CS25ME includes in-flight training in CS-25 multi-engine aircraft and can be booked optionally (recommended). CS25ME is mandatory for LFTE-P and LFTE-MIL-P courses.

Students will prepare several written and oral flight test reports which will be rated. A specific level of skills must be demonstrated by the individual student in order to successfully complete the course.

Price28.000 €