Production Flight Test CAT 3 (PFT)

Schedule15.04. - 03.05.2024
Duration3 weeks
  • physical condition to perform flights in a light aircraft
  • basic English skills
  • basic understanding of math and physics

This course is addressed to current or future members of production flight test teams. The EASA Category 3 Production Flight Test (PFT) Course provides a solid background i.e. theoretical and practical skills for Production Test Pilots and Production Flight Test Engineeres in order to safely and properly conduct PFT and to prepare standardized and conclusive Flight Test Reports which satisfy the requirements of EASA Part 21.A.127.

  • flight test management and flight test safety
  • risk management
  • airworthiness certification compliance
  • production flight test reporting
  • applicable regulations
  • specification of acceptable tolerances
  • production flight test vs. customer acceptance flight test
  • production flight test check-off list
  • aircraft reference geometry and aerodynamic reference centers
  • engine performance
  • aerodynamics
  • standard atmosphere and standardization to ISA conditions
  • drag polar
  • cruise, climb and turn performance testing
  • takeoff and landing performance
  • stall speed determination and spin characteristics
  • pitot static system calibration
  • longitudinal static stability and free return speed
  • lateral-directional static stability
  • equations of motion
  • flight dynamics testing
  • non-linear effects on stability
  • systems, instrumentation and avionics functioning and performance
  • production ground testing
  • production flight test crew coordination
  • upset recovery
  • assymetric flight

Course includes ground training and 8 training flights including:

  • variable stability demo with in-house flight simulator
  • flight test technique demonstration flights in a variety of SEP light aircraft
  • full production flight test for a turboprop aircraft
Price24.000 €