Luftwaffe completes OT&E Course as Launch Customer

In April two pilots and two technical officers from the German Air Force successfully performed a 3-weeks customized OT&E course at EFT’s new Integrated Training and Simulation Center (ITSC). Within this high workload course, the students evaluated 7 different aircraft and helicopter types with increasing complexity. The goal of the course was to enable the team to evaluate military airborne systems w.r.t. mission effectiveness and operational suitability by application of structured and standardized evaluation and reporting procedures. Despite pandemic restraints the course could be conducted as planned due to the stringent hygiene concept and strict testing philosophy. EFT is very proud to serve the German Air Force as a reliable training partner.

Courses completed for the German Military Aviation Authority

EURO FLIGHT TEST is proud to announce the successful completion of two courses for the German MAA (Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr – LufABw): Aircraft Stability & Control and CS-23/FAR Part 23. Being a certification engineer requires a profound knowledge of aircraft design, safety critical software and hardware as well as evaluation of flight test programs. During the two courses the certification engineers were able to get an overview / update of the relationship between flight test and certification evidence, which was enhanced by practical inflight experience. We thank the LufABw for its trust and support during the COVID-19 time and look forward to a fruitful continuation of our partnership.

Master of Flight Test Engineering Program

EURO FLIGHT TEST has partnered with the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI) to jointly offer the Master of Science program “Flight Test Engineering”. Such a program is unique in Germany and will be held in English. Administrative and content-related details are being worked out during the course of the coming months with tremendous support from THI. Depending on several factors the first class could be launched in 2022.

EURO FLIGHT TEST selected THI as its partner because of the shared spirit of “thinking outside the box”, both organizations being very young and agile. Additionally THI is located right at the aerospace hub in Germany, with the German Military Flight Test Center (WTD 61) and Airbus Defence & Space in close proximity.

If you are interested in updates about the program please visit our M.Sc. webpage or send an email to